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Hi I’m Ewa (pronounced Eva), a professional headshot and portrait photographer from London.

I specialise in taking headshots and portrait photos for: websites, businesses, LinkedIn, social media, profile pages and tourists. I also do registry office or small weddings, as well as, corporate and private events.

One of the things that I love the most about my job, is to see my clients enjoying their moment in front of the camera, as they relax, find their confidence and dazzle the lens, as they discover their own unique style. The other is helping you get there, by assisting as you carefully select just the right outfits, and experiment with poses and moods, until you find your unique combo, that works perfectly- just for you. Then of course, there’s the moment, at the end of it all, when you walk away with your stunning shots, still murmuring wow.

Job done!

An individual, you bring your own uniqueness. No photo shoot or need is the same. My job is to help you put together a package that meets your specific needs and desires, the right location, shots, lighting, angles, poses etc. that will give you the results that you want.

When shooting portraits and headshots, the poses and expressions that you use make all the difference. My background in sociology means that I have a particularly deep understanding of the power and range of poses and expressions that the human body is capable of expressing - the difference between a good and great portrait or headshot.

How did I get here? After the disappointment of opening yet another bunch of blurry, dodgy-looking holiday snaps, from yet another expensive camera, I had to admit the problem was that the camera doesn’t take the photos, people do. So I decided to take some action and actually find out how to take a decent photo. There was no-one more surprised than me, when I found that I not only loved learning about photography, I was also actually good at it! So I began to study photography seriously and thus a career in photography was born!

Although I have been a headshot and portrait photographer in London for many years now, photography still excites and captivates me. Every day and every shoot is different, bringing new things to discover and learn about photography – I love that.

Let’s chat, I would love to hear your ideas for your shoot. Call me on 0786 731 6396 or message me aewa@horaczko.co.uk 


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Book now  0786 731 63 96  ewa@horaczko.co.uk

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