Fellowship for British Hairdressing part 2 - Professional Photographer in London- ewa@horaczko.co.uk 07867316396

Fellowship for British Hairdressing: Part 2

Hairdressing event snaps - professional fashion photography, London

I was lucky to photograph The Fellowship for British Hairdressing’s recent event in London. Focused on promoting artistic and creative quality, the glamorous event bought together the best talent from hairdressing in the U.K. and beyond, to celebrate the skills and achievements of hairdressers across the country.

I had a fantastic time shooting the innovative and daring takes on classic shapes and cuts. From bobs to mullets, everything was ramped up 100%. The mega afro puffs, I definitely will not forget! There was plenty of amazing talent on display. The live hairstyling was a revelation in itself and the catwalk outfits were pretty good too.

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