Warpaintopia champion of 2017 - Professional Photographer in London- ewa@horaczko.co.uk 07867316396

Warpaintopia Champion 2017

Winner Warpaintopia 2017- London event photographer

The skills on display at Warpaintopia this week were unbelievable. Bodies were painted from head to toe in incredible designs, some adorned with headgear and body jewellery. There were also some wonderful examples of theatre make up on show.

Taking place over two days, the London event showcased the best in bodypainting with categories for: runway, film, T.V. and real beauty. The devil was in the detail- take a peek!

Planning an event? Call me on 0786 731 6396 or message me at ewa@horaczko.co.uk

Book now  0786 731 63 96  ewa@horaczko.co.uk

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Professional Beauty London - The French Revolution  Horaczko Photography\

Professional Beauty London - The French Revolution Horaczko Photography\