Westminster, London Tourist Photo Session

Quality holiday snaps with a professional photographer in London

Excited to be touring London, Patricia and Jairo ensured that they had plenty of quality snaps of them both, by booking a professional photo session.

We had a great time taking in all the wonderful sights of Westminster as we shot by: Westminster Bridge, the London Eye, Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament and many more. One of their favourite shots was of the iconic, and rapidly disappearing red telephone box.

With a change of clothes, Patricia and Jairo were able to switch up their look, and double the range of high quality photos that they had to take back home, and display with pride on their Facebook and Instagram pages. That’s two people who won’t need to edit and re-touch their holiday photos before they post them on social media!

Planning a trip to London? Want some great holiday snaps? Call me on 0786 731 6396 or message me at ewa@horaczko.co.uk

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