Ewa Horaczko - Professional Photographer in London

Untitled photo

Engagement, Proposal package

20  images per 60 min


light editing

Customize location

on-line photo gallery

£199 per 60 min

£99 for an extra 60 min 

extra £50 for the evening/after sunset session

London Registry office photography  3

Weddings, Events package 

20-30 photos per 60 min

Candid and portrait images

light editing

on-line photo gallery

£149-£199 first  60 min

£99  extra 60 min 

extra £50 for the evening/after sunset session


Lifestyle, vacation, casual  package 

1 location but a lot of spots

20  digital  images  ( with an option to purchase more) 

60 min 

light  editing

on-line photo gallery

£149 -£199  for 60 min   click to book NOW

£99 for an extra 60 min 

Professional Corporate Headshots London

Headshot, portrait package

1 outdoor location

4  digital images in colour and white and black

30-60 min

fully  editing

Help with posing/face expression

£149 -£199  outdoor or indoor

£99 for an extra 60 min 

Extra information

You can reschedule your photo session with reasonable notice time.

I will not post online any images without permission from the client.

Book now (0044) 786 731 63 96  ewa@horaczko.co.uk


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